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Experienced Consultants
We have been doing this for a little while now and so know what we are doing. It's important to note that every assignment will be handled by a Consultant with minimum 15 years specialist recruitment experience.
Exclusive Arrangements
We talk about the benefits of working on an exclusive basis a lot! The reason that we do this is to ensure that all parties are invested into the process, which enables us to deliver the assignment in the most efficient manner possible.
Competitive Terms
Our model allows us to achieve a much higher fill rate than those working on a traditional contingency arrangement. This is reflected in our fee arrangements and allows us to be much more competitive than other specialist recruitment businesses.

How to improve your time and cost of hire?

Let’s cut to the chase! Our solution is not going to be for everyone. If you have an internal recruitment team or you want to have a crack at it yourself and maybe use a couple of agencies to send some additional candidates to bulk up your long-list then our solution is unlikely to be so relevant for you.

If however you are looking for a full life cycle recruitment solution that offers a clear recruitment timetable as well as fair and transparent pricing, then you can see below an example of how we work with our customers to help improve time and cost of hire.

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Where have we had success?

We have strong knowledge and experience operating within the HR sector and have successfully completed assignments at entry through to director level.  Through these HR relationships, we have been asked to support on a number of assignments across the wider sales and commercial functions.  In response to this demand, we have assembled a team with significant experience in these additional areas.  All assignments are handled by a Senior Recruiter with minimum 15 years experience.

  • HR Director
  • Head of HR
  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Assistant
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Payroll Assistant
  • HR Advisor
  • Legal Secretary
  • Web Developer
  • Account Manager
  • CFO
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Product Manager
  • Graduate IT

Clients’ testimonials

Testimonial by Head of HR
I have known Paul for nearly 10 years now and have worked with Paul as both a colleague and a client over that period. He also placed me in my current role and continues to offer great advice on Recruitment issues.
In terms of Paul's ability as a Recruitment Consultant, I don't believe there is anybody better to work with in the area. The reason Paul is so good is because he works his market properly. He networks with his candidates, understands their skills and ambitions and definitely focuses on the 'Consultant' element of his job title.
You won't find him to be a pushy sales type, he will work to understand your needs from both a client and candidate perspective and then offer great advice and knowledge to put the client and candidate together. Sadly, the networking and consultative approach is something that is often lacking in the Recruitment industry, you often see Rec Cons just advertising roles and trying to fit square pegs into round holes but Paul really knows and understands his candidates which is extremely important from both a candidate and client viewpoint.
Head of HR
Testimonial by Head of Talent
Paul has supported me on the recruitment of a number of key HR positions. Aside from being a true business partner and working with me to develop strong, compelling but realistic briefs, Paul was able to provide current market information to set my expectations and ensure the roles we sought were positioned to attract the best. Paul made it his mission to understand the business and crucially, recognise the true potential of the roles we had so that he could not only position these correctly, but equally he could reach out to people who would truly fit the role. A contact I would always be happy to speak with whether in the market or not, Paul is knowledgeable, attentive but equally very respectful of my time.
Head of Talent
Financial Services
Paul is an excellent Recruitment Consultant as he builds a strong understanding of his clients’ and candidates’ profiles. He has consistently shown me great relationship management skills and always delivers what he has promised in a timely manner. He is always the first person that I think of to bounce ideas and seek feedback from and he makes time to give sound advice. In an industry that is becoming increasingly obsessed with self-service and anonymity, Paul maintains industry best practice with a people friendly focus.
Head of Consulting - Professional Services

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Just call us. We can answer all your questions

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