Our goal is to find customers who believe what we believe and work together so that we can all succeed.

We believe that exclusivity is the most important factor when engaging a Recruitment Partner. With a true partnership approach, we believe that a more competitive fee arrangement is possible against the traditional multi-agency contingency model. Our preference is to agree a fixed fee at that start of the recruitment process which clearly outlines the investment required along with a realistic recruitment timetable.  To compare against a traditional fee structure, when working exclusively with us,  the calculation is normally in the range of 15% of annual salary depending on the marketing requirement and complexity of the role.

We have detailed below why we operate like this, which hopefully should explain the benefits of an exclusive arrangement.

There is no secret that recruitment fees are often seen as excessive, however this is usually a result of the way that agencies choose to sell and recruiting companies choose to buy their third-party recruitment services.

Most assignments are agreed on a contingency, multi-agency agreement. This means that several agencies work on a position and the one that successfully fills it, is the one that can invoice for the service.  Agencies working on this basis, will report a fill rate of c 1 in every 4/5 vacancies, with every successful placement in effect compensating for the assignments where no revenue was produced.

If, however a recruitment business was to fill every position that they worked on, then it makes sense that their fee could be lower than the standard terms we see in the market today. The traditional contingency model does not allow this to happen and so in our view is no longer fit for purpose.

We work in close partnerships with our clients and develop exclusive relationships, meaning we benefit from a significantly higher fill rate than average. We also work flexibly, using technology to reduce our operating costs, meaning we can pass on these savings to our clients in the form of a highly competitive fee arrangement.

If we are not confident in our ability to fill a position, then we would rather refer you to someone more suited, rather than waste both your time and ours in the process.

Our period of exclusivity is 28 days, which gives us time to go to market properly and compile a quality short list of well briefed and relevant candidates. This combination of our realistic approach to our abilities, coupled with better quality client relationships and smart working practices mean that we can deliver a modern and highly cost effective recruitment solution.